League Winners 2023

Ladies League A Division Winners Team Freeborn Skip- Kitty Freeborn, Third- Sherrie Burechailo, Second- Tanya Hagel, Lead- Linda LarsonLadies League B Division Winners Team Denton Skip- Jenna Denton, Third- Christy Cogill, Second- Erin Kiley, Lead- Lindsey Damato,...

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Tuesday Mens League Winners

"A" Division Champions: Skip- Blaine Black, Third- Barry Johnstone, Second- Tim Haberstock, Lead- Gary Smith "B" Division Champions: Skip- Sean Peterson, Third- Gary Ellis, Second- Peter Ruocco, Lead- Barry O'Connell

League Curling 2019-2020

League Curling has started and it has been a very busy week.  We have a lot of new members that I would like to welcome to our club, and we all hope you enjoy your experience here with us.  I would like to remind all the skips that it is their responsibility to make...