This club survives on the hard work of its volunteers and so below is a list of the committees we are looking to fill up and have volunteers have more options to suit they skill set or their time availability.  Please have a look at them and the descriptions and let me know if you are interested, thanks


  • co-ordinate the return of empties
  • Volunteer when short hours
  • restocking bar
  • picking up supplies for bar
  • Take home dirty laundry, wash and bring back
  • Learn to change kegs and pop canisters
  • ensure you have serving it right


  • help with install and take down if required
  • review ice plant maintenance every season
  • volunteer thru events, or help find volunteers
  • put up and take down advertising signs


  • answer phone calls
  • posting of registration to help book keeper and manager
  • print and post bonspiel notifications from other clubs
  • check boards and refresh as needed


  • Volunteer in office during install time
  • Volunteer at AGM
  • help input all registration forms
  • ensure by the end of october all fees have been paid and help with the reminders


  • Prepare leases beginning of February for Book Club, Gun Show, SORDA, Hockey School, Apex, and any others you may find to rent during the off season
  • Be part of the team and help with the new lease with the City for the building


  • help with cleaning during bonspiels weekends
  • help organize volunteers to clean prior to beginning of season open and close of season
  • help organize volunteers at christmas¬† time to do a once over cleaning
  • maintain kitchen cleanliness upstairs and downstairs


  • organize funspiels during the season when Saturdays are open or a funspiel is scheduled
  • create new ideas for funspiels
  • organize volunteers to help with funspiels
  • post funspiel sign up sheets
  • call teams with draw times
  • make up the draw


  • aquire league coordinators to organize each league
  • post league draws up on website
  • work with league coordinators with their 50/50 draws
  • organize and order the tags for league trophies and bonspiel trophies
  • determine what to do with old trophies


  • determine the use for the kitchen area
  • look into leasing out kitchen space
  • look into opening kitchen for bonspiel weekends
  • look into options of other machines like hot dog, pizza by the slice etc to see if it warrants to bring in


  • order stock in on an as needed basis or special orders
  • ensure brooms, stop watches, grippers are in stock
  • ensure grippers have been replaced for the club use


  • work closely with the Ice Technician/Manager regarding maintenance needs and costs
  • call in volunteers to do maintenance that their skill sets match
  • aquire quotes for work and projects needing to be done
  • check in with the City of Penticton regarding work they can do as we do have some donation (in kind) money to spend


  • place ads in the newspapers and radio for beginning of season
  • place ads for winners of bonpsiels
  • ensure necessary work is done upstairs for private events, regarding cleaning set up, take down, bartenders, invoicing
  • update facebook, twitter, instagram
  • update website regarding calendar, spiels, events, front page, photos, etc.
  • find time to take random photos of leagues to update on website