Wow this season was a different season to be sure, but we still had a stellar line up for this years Classic. Top teams attending were McEwen, Bottcher, Koe, Howard, Epping, Jacobs, Laycock, Sturmay, Tardi. These teams were among the 18 that battled it out over 4 days, with Mike McEwen’s foursome coming out on top with a final victory over Glenn Howard’s rink.

Ashley Homestore Curling Classic 2020 Champions: Team McEwen, skip- Mike McEwen, third- Reid Carruthers, second- Derek Samagalski, lead- Colin Hodgson

Ashley Homestore Curling Classic 2020 Runner-Up: Team Howard, skip- Glenn Howard, third- Scott Howard, second-             , lead- David Mathers

Ashley Homestore Curling Classic 2020 Semi-Finalist : Team Bottcher, skip Brendan Bottcher, third- Darren Moulding, second- Bradley Theissen, lead- Karrick Martin

Ashley Homestore Curling Classic 2020 Semi-Finalist: Team Koe, skip- Kevin Koe, third- BJ Neufeld, second- John Morris, lead- Ben Hebert

Quarter-Finalist: Team Tardi, skip- Tyler Tardi, third- Sterling Middleton, second- Jason Ginter, lead- Jordan Tardi 

Quarter-Finalist: Team Laycock, skip-Jim Cotter, third- Steve Laycock, second- Andrew Nerpin, lead- Rick Sawatsky

Quarter-Finalist: Team Epping, skip- John Epping, third- Ryan Fry, second- Matt Camm, lead- Brent Laing

Quarter-Finalist: Team Geall, skip- Sean Geall, third- Jeff Richards, second- Jared Kolomaya , lead- Nicholas Meister

Playoff Elimination: Team Cseke, skip- Paul Cseke, third- Tyrell Griffiths, second- Corey Chester, lead- John Cullen

Playoff Elimination: Team Sturmay, skip- Karsten Sturmay, third- Tristan Steinke, second- Chris Kennedy, lead- Glen Venance

Playoff Elimination: Team De Jong, skip- Cameron De Jong, third- Andrew Komlodi, second- Derek Chandler, lead- Jason Clarke

Playoff Elimination: Team Jacobs, skip- Brad Jacobs, third- Mark Kennedy, second- E.J. Harnden, second- Ryan Harnden